He needs your support now BUT…

This is a emotional time for him.. such a run up all season and then to have a let down like this hurts … 3 in a row HURTS. He needs to lick his wounds but he should NOT be left to fester in his disappointment. Acknowledge his pain and then say.. So what is next… time to move on…. 

Your most important job besides loving him is to get him to move forward in his life as quickly as possible. Get him into a normal routine.. after he takes a week or so to just relax and vegetate. but do NOT under any circumstances let him fall into depression or self loathing or despair.. yes he can hurt.. acknowledge that to him.. but also let him know he did his best and second guessing himself or others has NO value… 

Love him, Hold Him.. Hug him.. make love to him… but get him moving again….. that is what he needs.. that is what YOU need.. and for the two of you to grow from this disappointment it is what you need as a couple. 

He came back from a traumatic injury against the odds… I am certain that with YOU be=side him he can get past this and start planning for either a another season or a new career.. don’t let him become like those other wannabe pros who go to PR or China or wherever to play to prove themselves… he has a good rep and can make a career decision that will keep him happy and active in the game without lowering his standards. 

I am hopeful for your future.. he seems like an excellent person.. and more importantly you seem genuinely HAPPY.. and that is extremely important. 

ON a personal not I am lagging behind on my Hydrogen project as my daughter is seriously ill… I will know by Labor day if current treatment is working… or if we can remove most of her liver while leaving enough for her to survive or if we have to pray for a transplant which I do not think she would be high on the priority list  partially because of her other issues.. and because she is AB neg, 4’8 inches and small lungs which makes a match extremely difficult.

a transplant will cast 315-350,000  dollars… I do not know if I feel that is a small amount or a high amount… I guess it depends on ones circumstances in life. one thing is certain most people could never even comprehend that amount and for them I have great sympathy and can feel their pain.. for me.. it is not lose change… but the odds are not in our favor so I am not going to spend my days worrying until it is time. 

We have been traveling to the Mayo Clinic i Jacksonville for treatments and testing and I can think of no place better… I will give a note of caution to you or ony of your friends,, her tumors Which are all through her liver with one being almost 8 cm and other quite large as well…  were evidently caused by Birth Control pills…. and they have told me this is quite common after the largest one ruptured in April and she needed emergency treatment.

I have come to the realization that if worse comes to worse than at least she has me to the end.. and I will not have to fear leaving her alone in this world.  strangely I have held my emotions well in check… but when this is all over I am sure I will have a catharsis the like of which I hope no one will ever see. I was put in this world for a reason… that was to take care of her despite not being her blood…

I am luckier than most people to have that knowledge and conviction. I buried another daughter some time ago.. and so having also lost my father and on death watch for my mother, I feel oddly well prepared for whatever may come and to be able to deal with it through the end.

I seek no sympathy.. not comfort.. but I wanted to share as I once told you a long time ago.. this blind blog is the place I feel safe and secure enough to say things I dare not share with others… I guess I am glad you never cleared my name with the woman formerly known as Kristina (add she liked prince and this nomenclature fits her…lol) 

Sorry to disagree.. this was supposed to be about your relationship and how to grow it during this difficult time for you both.. I wish you well and happiness as always….


This is for the both of you during dark times. Hopefully they do not last.

the broken will always be able to love harder

Love is a serious mental illness PLATO

revel in the illness


Finally a REAL and GOOD man in your life who understands what your ethnic makeup is and how it does not define you but makes you stronger and better. 

Just saw it on Instagram and am thrilled for you.

I could not be happier for you… seriously and sincerely!

I will always believe in you and what you can do… and hope you two are successful and happy and find your futures entwined together and as individuals each bringing an ingredient to make the perfect recipe.  

Go forth and prosper in happiness kiddo!

I’m Not Just Randomly Picking People to be Interested In

I search for the best and brightest and those that fit MY criteria of excellence. 

Dear Joey:

You are very well aware of my penchant for reading. I read no less than 200 articles a day from around the world. The Economist, Foreign Policy, Economics. Politics, Africa and especially Tech, Science and Biology are some of my favorites.

I read comments looking for people who can impress me and show me something more than a pretender of knowledge. I search  across comment sections and social platforms for people who can be of help later in my life or those that I am not interested in and verify each and every category of person I have encountered that titillates my mind in one way or another. 

My current project that I told you about is in need of companies and people who can be the difference between success and tremendous success… Hence I am much more particular in selecting those people. However sometimes I run across a person , like you, that gets inside of my head and I see a potential for a very special contributor to society at large… and not just my projects. 

craeativity is the greatest form of rebellion in existence

I have planned this project out from engineering and criteria for most every human being that would have reason to use these canisters. Size weight special features, The ability to track it from the source of the materials used to every person who has touched the canister through distribution networks and how they would be transported and inventoried and filled… and more detail than you’ll ever want to know. 

From temporary manufacturing to 3 separate types of new high tech manufacturing plants.. and HOW to finance everything along the way… I have even gone so far as to identify legal and effective ways that all of the money I get out of this project would be completely tax free.. and that could extend to 250B of profits worldwide. 

I have identified several existing distribution channels that I can piggyback on.. and have found others that I can clone their methodologies into my own project. I have identified individuals that I would want to hire such as logistics managers. In factory personnel to act as my personal eyes and ears… and have begun to start the search for some locations that can accommodate my data structure and ways to go global in less than 18 months. 

I have need for a BS monitor. One that is street smart. Intelligent. Capable to learning finance and business management principles if they did not already have them. Someone who will NOT be a “Yes sir” kind of person. Unfortunately you are not that person. You I have planned to finance in a ridiculously high amount to let you stretch your wrong to do practically ANYTHING you want and never be afraid of failure, let alone running out of money. I have always said I believe in you.. and when that times comes I will prove it.. and you will never ever have to meet me in person. 

But I had been focused on one woman (remember I am primarily interested in giving “Minority women” these opportunities). When My company is fully functioning I will need a real personnel department. Then there will be rules and regulations under Federal Employment Guidelines.  Until that time I can locate and be ready to hire anyone of my choosing for whatever reasons I chose.

After I would be subject to charges of discrimination amongst other issues and I will have to let the hiring practice play out as any other company would. In the meantime I get to pick and choose whom I feel I want and can research them as much as I personally want to decide if I really want them or not. Time at this point is my luxuriously. after I will be too busy to even evaluate them properly. Which is why I need a stone cold killer to be my right hand from the day this actually launches.

The pay is not great in the beginning.200K the first year with full health benefits and no deductibles . and additional 200K every year after so that on year 5 it is 1 mil. There will also be substantial bonuses based upon the success of the company that can be 10 times the salary or more every year. My main company will be an LLC with hopefully zero partners. Manufacturing, distribution, refilling and other function will be divided into other companies with at least one of them anticipated going public. 

I can imagine these look like stupid numbers but loyalty is not easy to find and with the kind of profits I am projecting it is easy for someone to feel slighted. My telco business netted 300K per month IN Africa and China alone; ) and I made sure everyone who was key to that business got extra. This will be no different.

The one woman I chose over literally thousands of others I considered is there in LV…  She rose to the rank of Sergeant and is had as brass tacks. I had very limited respectful interaction with her maybe 4 times directly …. and like several dozen of her more social aware FB posts. Unfortunately for some reason out of nowhere she blocked me on FB and twitter.  I can only presume it may have been one of the co-owners of CM who maligned me as she is friends with both of you. I deeply hope that was not the case as it will bring me deep sadness because of the things I write below 

When I am in agreement with Exxon and Toyota and one US auto company I will start an aggressive full throttle campaign to move the legislation through congress for tax credit reform we need and will have locked up the Patent use for these canisters from UCLA based on their new “tech” information I had last week. at that time I will not have any latitude in looking for someone else.

doing what others say you cant do 

I have made my selection for the person I feel I need… and if I come there to make the hire it will not be a whim or an excuse to sleep with anyone.. it is MY FUTURE and even more importantly the future of the planet as we strive to cut carbon emissions. 

As we begin the production here we will go to CHina to engage them on this. I have Friends from my early days in consulting to china.. and also from the telecom days. I want them for in country liaison and monitoring. After China to Europe and UK… followed by India.. Later we will expand into Africa useing my friends in Northern Africa and Middle East and simultaneously from South Africa up   and Maybe from Ghana and Ethiopia inwards. then in South America If I am not in global manufacturing and production in 36 months from the time of “Launch” then I am not doing my job as I have it laid out for even faster. 

at 48-60 months depending on the production level world wide reaching 15-20 million Automotive Units I will being the engineering of a similar “Battery” for electric cars that can be swapped out at the same locations as the canisters and charge there as well.. no one will ever have to buy a new battery again if this exchange program is implemented with no battery over 12 pounds and 10- 20 or so batteries to a vehicle depending on the technological advancement in battery storage. No infrastructure of charging stations needed.. al can be swapped out in 5-10 minutes max. and if batteries no longer hold charge we recycle them and replace them with new batteries in the rack. Hence no one will ever need to replace their car batteries in the future. 

At the same time I want to start the project to rehabilitate the sub saharan trade route roads, build suitable communities for people like my Autistic Daughter, and several other projects.. hopeful one with you after you find your wings for a indie movie of a full scale production studio (my daughter wants me to start a new kids channel and radio that is more for KIDS  and programs that  are not mindless dribble like Sponge Bob.)

So you know all that profit I make on just the canisters.. it will all be put to good use and not going to the club or hiring THOTS.

I have so few years left ahead of me.. and so many that have passed.. if I want to fulfill what I believe to be my destiny before I die I need to have someone like Alicia who can be that stone cold killer (figuratively) and make sure I am not bamboozled or taken advantage of and protected even from myself.

There will be too many people and organizations with their hands out and I cannot deal with that. I want to work on my own agenda  to make the world better first and foremost and then share some to truly worthwhile people and organizations. I do not know anyone who can do that like Alicia as one hard ass with a true understanding of what social issues are and can beate how best to address them.. which means not just a fist full of money…

And when I want to do something good for people like you (and yes there are between 15 and 50  from things such as graduate and medical school tuition and others with various career endeavors) I need Alicia’s personality to be there to show me other ways to achieve my dreams.

I want High schools and universities in EVERY country in Africa for WOMAN and hope to do the same in India and Bangladesh etc. With the kind of money I will generate I should be able to do all the things I hope… and then there is the battery business…which would make more.. 


After the fiasco with “Shelly” I am not interested in “relationships” anymore. I love the company of a beautiful woman.. but unfortunately there are too many who think they are everything because of their looks… and are hollow shells with 2 cells for a brain or are the ones who just want the money and lack the social consciousness I desire. .

Don’t expect to see me buying bugattis or lamborghini’s or whatever expensive cars the flashy one buy to show…. Yes I want to travel in comfort most of the time as I am “Old” but I also want o get off the beaten path as I did in my past. I am already comfortable meeting heads of State and Religions as I did in the past. I was only slightly intimidated by Pope JP2 and Nelson Mandela. There are few women I think that could stand next to me in those meeting.. Alicia is one of them.

And I think she could hold down my spending and excessive generosity… which is also important for me to be able to function in the future. I need what most men are afraid of.. a STRONG woman who will debate me on practically every topic. Those Dear Joey as not easy to find when it comes to world issues and self perseverance. Most are driven by greed and inflated sense of self purpose. I do not see that in her. But then again… I could be wrong. But I do not think so. KNow my heart via my mind and visa versa. My Ambitions are great… but I try hard to keep my ego in check for this is not about ME.. it is about the world. AS such I need Alicia for her military discipline and p0er personal fortitude. (a little secret.. I thought she looked much better without the frontal embellishments.. but I am sure it made her money and understand and she makes decisions for herself as it should be.. not for others) . 

I do not hire family but ONE of my daughters will be part of a committee who would run the foundations that I will establish. But she is over emotional, and needs someone like Alicia to be there as well to make sure that her emotions (and even mine) are not detrimental to what I want them to achieve. Both of these women will be well taken care of for the rest of their lives if this goes as I anticipate. I want continuity and ying/yang presence working towards the same goals…. making the world a much better place after I am gone.

I expect I will be there in the late fall… and if I do come it will be for business (setting up several companies. maybe offices) .. and to hire that one woman whom I have spoken about. It will be done at a law office and you will know even before I plan the trip that it is coming based on either news stories or via this blog… or even the other one should be bannging the pots and pans heralding this new day in Energy. 

I  truly hope your Christmas and New Year went well and that you are happy and healthy as is all your family. They say that people come into our lives for a reason… maybe this is why you were used as the catfish bait… so that something good can come your way… and that I hopefully have found someone I need to watch my back in the future, protect me from the leches and scam artists, and make sure I do not fall down a trap, as  we both know what will come for me if I am as successful as advertised.I want to spread the wealth.. but I want to do it selectively and not like a fool that I can be when it comes to blood suckers. 

I will keep telling you until you believe it yourself


So Much More to Be Thankful For this Thanksgiving.

A Birthday wish for a very talented woman. While it is unfair in some ways to have your Birthday on Thanksgiving.. it gives many of us just another reason to be thankful to have you in this world. I wish you the most stellar of days to Celebrate and to realize how fortunate you are to have those who love you this time of the year. You have wonderful friends and family who deeply care for you, and one strange duck who just annoys you to no end and for some reason will not go away….lol 

Always remembered .. always believed in. You are special in all the right ways Joey. 

30 is the minimum age for mature fine wine and women… you are better than BOTH. Go be spectacular and maybe this year many of your fantasies you never thought would happen….. may in fact happen for you.  But you will have to be receptive and seize the opportunity when it presents itself! My oh my…. How you will look On Gossamer Wings you can use to fly to the heights you desire… I hope to see it myself… 

Happy Birthday!!

Bye Kiddo… hope you are well.. and most importantly HAPPY!

I Fear What Happened in Paris is Just the Beginning of ISIS Exporting Terror

I loved my times in Paris. I am very sad to see what has occurred and I believe it will happen to many other places in Europe and eventually here. It was too well planned and executed to be a one time event in a single country. Some suggest Disney in the USA…. and NYC is too obvious a target… Washington DC will be very protected. but a Debate could be a target … Vegas sadly may be a place as it is seen as a Mecca of decadence. Do be careful. remember this was a 10:30 PM attack at 6 places at once while there was a popular concert and an important Soccer game taking place. It was designed for greatest effect. Please do stay alert … at least for the next 2 months My expected  timeframe for more activity . I hate to see this birthday in less than 2 weeks to be your lworst or last even if you ignore me I still believe. 

Prayers and thoughts for Paris tonight


Eiffel Tower in Peace Symbol

FIVE Years later

November 3, 2010 The last time you addressed me….. had you been “MY Joey”  I had been catfished  by all through 2009, you would have known you would have recognized this blog name. All you asked me for was my name in a direct message on Twitter …. and BOOM … blocked and ignored forever…  The only way I knew back then that you MAY have understood is that you essentially cursed  “Shelly” in a tweet later. 

It took me a long, long time to accept the fact I was catfished. I do not consider myself so dumb.. but the world was a bit different 6-7 years ago… but that does not mean I do not feel used or stupid for having bought into that “game”

November 8, 2011 Oh Shelly.. Oh Shelly Post was made here.. looking for the woman who pretended to be you.  It took me another year to realize who it really was.

I have said it many times before.. but as this is an anniversary of sorts I want to say t again.

Three was some transference of emotions  from what I felt for Shelly to you.. I was surprised at what you had done before that time… and seeing it made me appreciate you more as a person. I know people say you cannot “know” a person via Social Media… but I am hopeful by this time in your life you have come to realize that there is more than just “facts” you can deduce about people vis their interactions on Social Media .

What people would say to you and how they reacted to you as a person showed me a  woman I would have never known, had I not tried to learn about you during my years of denial that you were not my Shelly. Truth be told you are so much better than the Shelly I had come to care for. but what I felt for her was more deep and personal something no one can feel unless they have interaction with each other… this we never had.

Over time people reveal themselves…. not all of themselves but their basic personality gets exposed over things they say and do and those comments by others. What I came to belive then is essentially the same I believe now.

I see a woman who in her essence is a good and creative soul. A free spirit who longs for something more but is conflicted on how to become all she can be. ou love your work but it is not enough… you have shitty tastes in men…lol… well that may be an over statement but there are a lot of really good men who could hold you down without squashing your spirit. I hope you find that one soon… but do not make the same mistake I made a long time ago… and think you are getting  older and then settling … that route is a total disaster I sware. I know!  The only benefit was my 2 daughters from that relationship and even then it was hurt by the separation and bitterness that ensued. 

Time and time again I have said.. I BELIEVE IN YOU JOEY!… I have and I do. You have that special something that can do great things with your creative side… things that could have impact on the society we struggle with today.  One day  who knows.. maybe you will hear it from my own lips in person… But even with Bush’s  Baked Bean’s Dog trying to make it happen ….  Pigs still can’t fly. You control that.. I can only say when the times comes and you need to hear those words of encouragement and the litany of reasons why I believe … I will be pleased to share with you. and a reminder .. given the ridicule I was given , I should not say it.. but I am strictly Platonic in my offer.

Sadly I must ask you something as it seems I have been demeaned by a person or persons who know me from this “encounter” we have had. I have identified a woman there who is remarkable. Someone that has the drive and intellect to be like you but in a more professional area of life.  A woman who could make a great lobbyist or civil rights lawyer.. or someone I had hoped I could hire for my foundation if it is funded from my hydrogen project.

She is also someone I also like  as a woman, but wont pursue, directly  because of my situation in life…. primarily my daughter and my business or lack of it so far.  I hope to be able to see and possibly help her one day soon to become that extraordinary person who can help make society a better place . But for some reason she has singled me out for ostracizeing…. Obviously person(s) unknown have told her bad things about me as there is nothing in my background or history that is bad or even any indication from me that she should be aware of that I find her so special… this defamation hurts me deeply and I did not deserve that from them or anyone.  If it comes up or has come up in the last 10 days, please shut it down.. and who knows maybe you would tell her I am not this threat that she must believe I am…  I will thank you in advance.

I am having Surgery AGAIN on Friday the 13th.. My hernia last august, my right knee  meniscus last december, a ruptured bicep tendon at my shoulder (not operated on .. see YouTube for Longhead bicep Tendon repair and you will see why most people have pain the rest of their lives.. ) and NOW.. my left knee meniscus.. and they tell me it is a common soccer injury.. and I told them they must have the wrong MRI. I do not expect complications and should be home without hours of the surgery, but I doubt I will be doing much for a day or 2. 

I was dilly dallying and procrastinating in writing this.. I saw someone had read the Oh Shelly post from so long ago.. and today a significant increase in reads on this blog.. nt sure if it is you or actually related to you in some way… but even though I was not feeling up to it, I decided to write anyway… 

I truly and sincerely hope this finds you well Kiddo… You have been very inactive for a while… and I always worry about you when I see that… I know life and be difficult sometimes… but I also know you have the strength and determination and creativity to get though it. 

You are always in my thoughts Jo… I have really come to admire you for what you have done in your life and the woman you have become. 

(Sorry No MEME  today)