A dear Friend in Long Beach, CA ~ Temeka posted this… I was taken aback at first because if looks so muck like T’s Mom did back when… Everyone I think Loved Whitney …. But I had in my music collections the singer and in my real life  her “Look alike” any time back then. I never realized how much that woman resembled Whitney until maybe 6 or 8 months later we started living with each other and some body mentioned it to me and pointed it out. I was one lucky SOB back then with a because loving caring wife, mother children and then things stated to change.. very slowly at first.. she was no used to the money we had… Hundreds of pairs of shoes and NAME brand.. and less than a half a dozen kicks. Money is a blessing and a curse… and I had both in my family. 

Anyway.. that is only  small small small infinitesimally small part of the life I lived… Noe A Fortune 1000 company I cannot mention here has been corresponding with me about the canisters and we will actually have a teleconference next week. They in turn will take this to the Auto Companies as a solution.. and I will be back again and larger than ever before… but I don’t want that money and told A I am setting up a foundation to handle the estimated 8-10B  I may take 5% to do silly stupid generous things for people I have encountered online… but obviously that will need a legal firm so no one goes nuts. For example You know a Black woman Dancer I tweet at her a few times but she is not my “type” of personality but she is dark and lovely and beautiful… she once tweeted “don’t give me a million dollars. Teach me how to make a million dollars.” And I will make sure she gets that chance and education to make it HER way. 

Your Friend the Glad man about town and semi famous Celebrity host. I will make sure his pat charity has ample funds for 1,2,or 3 years and want o see how they can be sustainable without much in donations. 

Another woman out there, has entrepreneurial interests, You know her quite well in fact Hence I won’t say more but she has spunk, character and is not afraid to send a man packing if she is not acting like a man should. Even her figure and Complexion is………. never mind I get goofy thinking about her .. Not that you are not great.. you are Joey… but YOU are a personality… and will always need your freedom to fly… Nesting is not your nature but being alone suits you sometimes. HER I like like like… but,,,, ohh well… and that Ms September..

OMG Joey she is absolutely STUNNINGLY Beautiful NOW. if she only had a brain and a vibrant personality…. and does not mind a man with some grey hair… but alas… another story that will never happen.

Which Brings me back to the below photo… what made it important is that is from WOMEN WHO CHANGE THE WORLD… I knew from the first I discover the real you that you are special Unique and destined for GREAT thing… I hope to the depths of my soul that your journey will not be too painful.. but from the ashes of the Phoenix…. and Steel is the metal that  hardens after beaten… HOWEVER after a while the harness becomes brittle and hence the person who is responsible for making the sword Blade Must have special unique skills that transcend regular folk.

Be well kiddo… I think about you every day and hope you are well…. I BELIEVE in you Joey.


Women WHo Change the world

complexion skinny arms facial structure smallish breast  long fingers,,, skinny legs LONG legs. .. YEP it looks like W

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.

~~ Carl Jung


how I was raised


Soo.. A little inspirational message I found that you may like.. Or not


Happy day no underwear riding


Be well.. be successful.. I believe in you kiddo… 


These should make you Smile…. I would hope.  If you cannot find some happiness in these links… then I am not sure if you ever will.

Hoping you don’t go back to that thing or person what almost destroyed you. 


1/ Pit Bull Puppy Branded With F-Word Gets Cosmetic Surgery http://huff.to/1AVY8YL


2/ Mila The Rescue Pit Bull Keeps Her Eyes On The Prize, Catches 30 Treats In A Row http://huff.to/1DjRdwo


3/ Abandoned (Pittbull Amstaff mixed)Pup Recovering From Mange Couldn’t Be More Excited To Reunite With His Rescuer http://huff.to/Xy631z


4/Saint Bernard Takes His Human As A Prisoner Of Love http://huff.to/1r6MngP


5/Puppies Frolicking With A GoPro Will Make Any Day Better http://huff.to/1r2XZ4x (an idea for your business YouTube account)


6/This Great Dane Is Happy, And She Knows It http://huff.to/1DbNbX5


Hoping you don’t go back to that thing or person what almost destroyed you. 

always say what I mean


who is the most wonderful and prettiest girl today


Wishing you Well now and forever Kiddo… 



Dear Jo: 

Despite it being the 13th anniversary of 9/11 I had a much better birthday today than I have had in a long long LONG time. Something I had given up on a while ago. From Overseas calls and emails to domestic wishes.. the only ones missing were my step daughter I have not had contact with in 9 years… and my mother who is angry at me because I am insisting she have a full medical exam especially for what I perceive as early onset Dementia.  But I still feel good about it as I know in my heart as angry as she is and may be for the rest of her life that I have been doing what is right and not what is convenient.. which I have always maintained as my reasons when I have to make the hard choices in life. 

I honestly can say it was a good day.. and I don’t have to many of them anymore…


Hope all is well with you kiddo. 

growing up




Jo: you put your number out there for everyone to see when you responded to your most recent  IG post to someone wanting to make arrangements for a party… I strongly suggest you take it down or you could get REAL crazies calling… just not me… not my style. 

Hope all is well for you kiddo… I have been a bit busy with fam and business and READING as always… but T has had some major issues with fleas.. her lower legs were viciously attacked with literally OVER a hundred bites I feel so bad for her as she cannot control herself and is scratching… I was told this is the time of year for them but She has not had this in many years that we lived here… so I am unsure HOW or WHERE she got them… but they look horrible . 


Since you seem to love to stick your tongue out in pictures…. 

next time you selfie with your tongue out remember this


YEP Jo.. Saw you up in the sky…


Never Land


take me to NEVERLAND


Neverland is home


Hope all is well with you kiddo… still in my fam issues…