So much pain. So much Sorrow. I try to bury myself in work and do look forward to that fortune 500 company offer to explore jointly but that will not be able to start till next week.

I had some fun the last 24 hours.. playing with hashtags and Twitter analytics… it is really interesting I would have never known which things I tweet has the most “impressions” or casual views and who clicks on links and things… I was amazed and the football deadlines today made it more fun and interesting. Very educational and I was able to manipulate dome content to see if it had an effect on data and in some cases I found more than a 10 fold increase. Seems I get thousands of “impression” a day even when I wonder if anyone is looking. I just do not know who or where but have been able to see trends and hence gauge social interaction. Pretty cool .

My mother thinks I should rot in hell and I told her I would meet her there.. and the creaming for the nest half hour was intense. and then it settled into an hour plus of somewhat reasonable conversation but it was obvious she is already getting to stage 2 or intermediate dementia where her brain has immediate short-term memory, The last 20- 30 minutes we joked like we used to. but her stubbornness (which both her and my father passed on to me) and her weak will allowing some siblings to take advantage and her failure to plan and take care of herself and fighting the siblings are doing as a result has made this very sad for me.

what was very surprising was my brother  (my father’s namesake) called and we actually had a fairly lengthy conversation (albeit I am certain I said a WHOLE lot more) but he was totally unaware of my work in doing due diligence on the Retirement Communities in that market, in-depth analysis of 3 of those facilities and even a historical record of the industry through today and into the next 20 years. He never knew I did anything let alone all of that work which is still unfinished.

This is not to brag Jo.. but for this kind of work I would charge most people 25 hundred per hour 10G’s minimum. Just like a high quality international lawyer.  I could never charge my mother or family for this work.. but that does not mean that I have the time to waste. I read 2-400 articles nearly every day. I tweet maybe 10% of those as significant and then G+  and LinkedIn etc.. but I have to read so much for every part of the world and from finance to economics and politics and religion to world crises like child slavery and kidnaping to clean water and river  conflicts and commodities and religions… so so much I need to have instantly available to have the right discussion with someone who calls me out of the blue to discuss their issues  or political problems or overall major issues in business politics or just the world. My breadth of knowledge is enormous.. but my depth is limited.. but I find synergies in the breadth that makes the depth more manageable to learn, analysis and diagnose issues and find solutions.

I will proclaim what I don’t know when asked but I have a few special gifts/ abilities…. such  as a very keen memory (why it is hard for me to trust as people change their stories) and an ability to learn most things in many disciplines very quickly and the tenacity to carry on when others fall away.

anyway…. I digress…. which seems to be a lot lately.

Physically I am healing faster than I thought. some lower abdominal and right groin  issues  means I am not quite walking as well I  hope to…. and most remarkable my back pain is GONE.

Anyway Kiddo… I do honestly and sincerely hope you are doing fine…. If GE blesses me with what they and other should I would of course come to Vegas…. but only for a short time and I will pre warn you before so you can ignore me by avoiding those locations.. or better yet as I was considering a host/guide/ personal shopper/ concierge etc for the those days I can have them contact you.

Watch the merger of Chrysler and Fiat  and they should go to the public market around October 3.. after that and a special announcement of Volkswagen industries for ALL their divisions I can let you know more.


lead me not into temptation YEA RIGHT.. lets go now.


you lack the maturity to handle me

Hope all is well Kiddo…. I am in the middle of a war now with my family… but thought of you.

life is better with a dog


This is one I found to be apropo 

take me to NEVERLAND.


Sometimes the secret to a more fulfilling life is not aspiring to something outside oneself but to expand one’s understanding of the world around us by doing something out of the ordinary by means of doing something quite ordinary. Most people will not understand this… but I hope you do. 

how to grow in easy lessions



The expansion of oneself allows for exponential returns in self actualization and a more complete life.




Be well Joey


Dear Jo:


For the things that are so dear to you I thought this might make you smile. 


Meet 15 ridiculously good-looking pit bulls who totally stole the show at their owners’ weddings.




Kids and Pit Bulls

Dear Jo: 


real women are every size and shape

Dear Jo:

After an exhaustive and extensive and each of maybe a total of  15 seconds  (or 60 trillion nano seconds) I found a camera for you that is absolutely positively GUARANTEED to take literally millions of great super shots…. having this camera is a no brainer for sure:

Dear Jo:


According to her shirt she lives in the same neighborhood…

Neverland is home



Your Puppy asked me to send you this: 


puppy wanting more treats

. T and I Spent the other night Monday from 8 ish PM to 4: 30 AM)  in the ER.. her for what turned out to be a sprained Achilles Tendon.. and me they thought I has a blood clot from the surgery… Thank goodness it was not a blood clot but they found some other things and I am starting to feel a bit better.. although I am disappointed as T and I shared a doc and the room and I asked for “buy one get one free” or at least 50% off the lowest cost service… and they said they could not… talk about SH$% >….. T was a trooper although completely exhausted.. thank goodness she cannot read an analogue clock (only digital) and I kept telling her what time it was in California as we watched Nickelodeon and Disney… it was not until we got in the car she realized I had fooled her..  but I think she suspected and besides it helped her get through the night there… 


Hope all is well with you Kiddo:


Dear Jo: 

I believe your own words were on April 27  “I’d Rather Be Tired Than Broke” to which I replied here… Just make sure you take care of your health. Not everything you are scheduled to do in any day is so critical that you can not take some time for YOU. Taking enough rest is that little extra to help you stay healthy.. that and 2 tacos and 1 beer and call your psychic in the morning….  but seriously you tend to push yourself too hard sometimes… go to your sisters or wherever you go and hang out by the pool with no phone for the day.. or at least 3-4 hours… I promise you will not die.. and if you do happen to die then you never have to talk to me again… oh.. wait.. you already don’t talk to me.. Humph… well I figure out some way for you to get back at me if you die from getting too much rest. 

I still believe in you Joey .. 100% …. that you can be more than a pretty woman.. but a business maven one day… how do you and your partner say it.. ohh yes.. GIRL Boss.. Women who Lead! Do yourself proud kiddo!!! I am rooting from the bleachers as usual. 

I all seriousness kiddo.. and while it is not my place … I do worry about you… 

I could not sleep the incision pain and the swelling makes my bladder a bit too easy to fill as well… but it is getting better.. slowly but surely. I have been truly blessed with more phone calls and well wishes than I thought I would get… but not enough to run for public office yet… 

One day I will tell you how angry and upset I am at my siblings for what they ar forcing my mother to go through.. and why I will have to have her declared incompetent so they will stop jerking her around like a stupid marionette. 

Be Well Joey. 


PS: you need a bigger studio to use a your closet.. PLUS it is equity in your business… which honestly I still am not sure where your business is heading or growing into… but I have not looked all that hard lately for personal reasons.